Sunday, July 28, 2013


We are having an unusual cool stretch of weather.  It is also damp.  Misty and damp.  I managed decent bike rides the last two days, but this morning there was just no way.  This means only about 90 miles ridden this month.  That's down from 125 last month.  That sort of bums me out.

Lots of people talk about finding their happy place, their zen moments.  Mine are on my bike.  No one can call me when I'm on my bike.  Well, they can, but I won't stop to answer.  No one can really talk to me on my bike.  Other than hi or good morning, we're all whizzing past each other and there's no time for anything else.  It is one hour, or maybe a little more, where I can think my own thoughts, without interruption.  I like that.

One thing I find amusing on my bike rides is the small groups of people jogging, walking, or biking.  They will be in twos or threes, and they are talking to each other.  Having conversations.  And there's the woman I see regularly walking, while talking on her cell phone.  The thought that pops into my head is that if they can hold conversations with each other (or on the phone), they aren't working hard enough at their workout. 

Of course, if they can talk while they are doing their workout, maybe that says a lot how good a shape they are in.

Not much to day in this week's blog, but I'd like to leave you with this.  My friend Ellie wrote this, and I agree with her.  You should read it too.

A Body is Not a Lifestyle


  1. You are a treasure! A motivation to me on a new bike and activity to share with a husband ......we need it desperately for many reasons. Thank you , don't stop.

    1. I won't! I love biking. I hope you fall in love with it too!