Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Front Of The Class

Last week at Zumba, "my spot" was taken.  I usually do my flailing Zumba in the back corner.  I can see the instructor, but no one can really see me unless they are trying.  I do this as a courtesy to the others in the class.  As I flail and fling make my moves, I don't want to confuse anyone by my lack of rhythm and my inability to move both my arms AND my legs at the same time.

In other words, I don't want anyone watching me and trying to imitate my moves.

So this new person was in my spot.  I ended up at a spot in the very front, with two rows of ladies behind me.  This meant an awful lot of them were going to see me flail my way through this thing.  Those moves where my arms are going the same direction as my legs, instead of opposite them.  Those jumps I don't ever do, and that whole shoulder shimmy thing I never managed to learn in high school.  If anyone is watching me to keep up with the moves, I feel bad for them.

But I did notice something by being in the front.  I was forced to step up my game.  Not only could the instructor look me in the eye, but all those other eyes were potentially on me.  Yikes.  Talk about motivation!  But the good thing about that is that I really did get a better workout.  I didn't flail any less, but I kept up better, and stretched further, sweated more.

That's what happens when you think someone is watching you.

I am forever grateful, however, that my Zumba classes are all women, and we are working out in a place that is pretty much "no boys allowed." 

Because, seriously, who would want to see all that? 

I may try that being in the front thing again.  It wasn't as horrifying as I thought it would be.