Sunday, August 4, 2013

Not a Good Week for Biking

I biked 11 miles on Saturday, but that's it.  Yesterday the Boulder County Fair opened with a parade and there wasn't going to be time in the morning to go, and then, the car decided not to start.  Without the car, I can't get from my house to the biking path that is safest for me to ride.  So I didn't get to ride yesterday, or today, other than to downtown to do a little shopping and watch the parade yesterday, and biked about 20 blocks to meet the tow truck to take the car to the mechanic so it can be repaired on Monday.

I hate setbacks like this, that are completely out of my control.  Really annoying. 

I also had another problem earlier this week.  I had not seen the payments for my workouts appear on my paycheck stub, so I sent off an email to find out what was going on.  Turns out I was only receiving credit for half or less of my workouts.  I'm sure this information was in the fine print somewhere, but basically, I can only count one workout per day.  I need 12 workouts to get the incentive ($25), but they need to be on 12 separate days.  Since I cannot bike except on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, I can not ever make those 12 days.  Well, technically I could, if nothing got in the way of those weekend rides.  I would need perfect weather and no family events, and then I would barely get the 12 workouts in.  Workouts that are non-cardio do not count, so any weight training I do at the gym doesn't count.

Understandably, I'm upset by this.  Since April 1st, I've put 412 miles on my bike in 67 workouts, burned over 50,000 calories, and lost 10 pounds. Obviously I'm getting my workouts in.  The fact that I'm doing it all should be enough.  It almost feels like the program is designed to not pay out the incentive.  It's a lousy $25, I shouldn't be upset, but I am. 

It will not change my bike rides.  I just won't bother syncing the bike rides to the program anymore, since there's no real reason for me to do so.  I'll just keep the ride information for my own purposes. 

And I may be adding something else to work on.  Yesterday at the parade, my 20 year old daughter and I watched a Zumba class doing the parade.  There were girls of all sizes, dancing their hineys off to the music, looking like they were having so much fun!  Yes, they were also sweating like crazy, which is not my favorite thing in the world, but if it helps me get thinner, and more in shape, I will do it.  I sweat plenty when I bike, too, so what's the difference?  So my daughter and I will be looking into classes in the area.  We didn't get the name of the group that was doing these, but I'm sure we can find something.  I have asked friends if they've tried it or what they know about it.  They say it is fun, it is hard, but that I can do it.

So, why not?  *gets out the Yellow Pages*


  1. I tried zumba for a while, and it was fun, but i was not motivated enough to go that far and pay for it, too.

  2. get your groove on girl and go for it!!!