Sunday, August 18, 2013

Two Days a Week?

Well, I knew this was going to happen.  Things at work finally got "fixed" and I no longer have Fridays off.  This means less time to bike, but in addition, more money earned and less crazy at the job when I can't get everything finished in 32 hours.  I've been wishing this for a long time.

I do have some flexibility, but until I figure it out, I will only be biking on Saturdays and Sundays.  Today as I biked I wondered how I could cram another hour's worth of biking into those two days.  I will miss doing it three times a week, and my body will too.  In another few weeks, it will be cool enough to ride in the evenings, but that will only work until daylight savings time goes away and I lose the evening light.  I am still committed to exercise at least three times a week.  Serious exercise, not just sitting on a stationary bike at the gym. 

My daughter is looking into Zumba classes for us.  If I could do that once or twice a week, that would help. I don't want to lose what I've worked for since last year, and certainly not all the hard work I've put in since March when I could finally get back on a bike. 

Not sure how this will play out, but I will see what I can work out over the next few weeks to give myself the riding time I need and deserve.  This coming week will be difficult, not only because I'm putting in 40 hours when I haven't done that in about 18 months, but because I have family coming to visit for the weekend, which may make my bike rides not happen.  I will definitely be hurting if I don't get my bike rides in this coming weekend!

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