Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best Laid Plans...

The universe has really sick ways of keeping me from doing what I want with my legs.

On Sunday I drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park to take pictures of the snow.  I go up there quite a bit, and as I went through the gate, I bought my season pass for the rest of the year.  I stopped at Fall River and hiked up the path to the bridge to listen to the water under the ice.  Then I drove up as far as I could on Trail Ridge Road, which usually is open all the way through the park during the warm months.  There were a lot of tourists, as there usually are this time of year.  I parked and walked across the road to the overlook.

I never made it.  I slipped in some mushy snow, went down on one knee, and broke my ankle in three places.  There was the trip in an ambulance down the mountain to Estes Park (about 4000 feet) to the Estes Park Medical Center, where I was assessed, x-rayed, and it was quickly determined that I needed a better hospital, one with a trauma center.  Away we went down the mountain, another 3000 or so feet, to Good Samaritan in Lafayette, a few miles from my town.  They set my ankle (it was dislocated) and admitted me, and I had surgery on Monday night.  There are plates and screws and a cast that appears to weigh a ton.  I have an unusual complication called fracture blisters, which is a really gross thing and you shouldn't look it up on Google unless you are prepared. The blisters might have put my surgery off for a week, but they weren't bad, so they went ahead and did the surgery,  I have followup in a couple of weeks, when they'll remove my stitches and give me a new cast.

I am non-weight-bearing on that leg for 6-8 weeks, after which there will be therapy.  There will be no driving, and I will have to work from home, which, thankfully, is possible!

I guess now I won't be all worrying about when/how I'm going to bike and walk in the cold and snow.  I'll be sitting right here in my living room, laying on the spare bed hubby dragged up from the basement, and wondering when I'll ever be able to take a shower again.

Thanks Universe.  This was really, uh, helpful?

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