Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I See When Biking

Not much to say in today's post.  Too cold to ride, and we had snow today, so riding is definitely out!  It looks like I might get to ride this coming Sunday, if the weather holds out.  Cross your fingers for me!

In the meantime, Friday I will be going to the local Planet Fitness and signing up for their low-end plan that will give me access to the bikes and treadmills.  It will have to do.  I love winter, always have, but this is the first time in my life I'm wishing winter wasn't quite so long. 

Today I'm sharing a few pictures of things I see when biking.

What do you do when you run out of fence?  You use louvered closet doors instead! Leave them white and let them weather in the sun and rain for that shabby chic look.

Colorado houses can be quite colorful.  It is probably to make up for the long cold winters, when everything loses its color and the world is black and white.  I love the color of this house.

Goathead plants.  Most are dead and brown now, but I took this picture a couple months ago, when the plant was still green.  I am tempted to carry a spray bottle of herbicide with me when I ride, and I would spray every plant I saw.  Of course, I'd use about a bottle every block, they are so prolific. 

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