Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Product Review: Schwinn Quick-Release Collapsible Basket

Today's post is a full review of the Schwinn Quick-Release Collapsible Basket, a purchase I made several weeks ago.  I had a home-made basket for the front of my bike, made of blue fabric and with button closures, but it didn't hold enough if I wanted to go shopping or had more than a couple of books to take back to the library.  After a few weeks of use, I am very happy with it and figured I'd give this a decent write-up.

This is the basket at its usual, with the stabilizer pieces in the sizes and the shopping handles on top.  It is about 10 inches high, 12 inches wide, and 10 inches front to back.  An aluminum frame gives the basket its shape, and sturdy, heavy-gauge nylon canvas makes up the sides and bottom of the basket.  When not in use, the basket can be fully collapsed to hang on the wall.

The basket can be used with or without the stabilizer bars that go on the sides to keep it upright.  I have used it both ways, depending on what I'm carrying.  The stabilizers are flat pieces of hard plastic that slip into a sleeve on either side.  The basket itself can be removed from the frame (it is attached with heavy-duty velcro) so that it can be laundered.

The basket comes with a small zippered attached pouch big enough to hold a small wallet and my cell phone, and a nice little pocket has been sewn next to it.  The pocket is big enough to hold my chapstick and my multi allen wrench tool. 

The basket is quite large on my handlebars, but the size is important if I'm going to take it shopping.  It attaches with a simple clamp with screws, which fits snugly on the handlebars.  The basket simply slips into the bracket attached to the handlebars, and has a slide-lock to hold it in place.  To remove it, simply slide the lock to the off position and lift the basket right off.

The nifty draw-string top makes sure none of my stuff flops out when I go over a bump, and the shopping handles velcro together and lay nice and flat and out of the way.

The best part?  The basket is good for some small shopping!  Since I intend to use my bike around town on a regular basis, I need to be able to bring a few things home with me, without having to drag a big back pack along.  Also, when I'm riding, I like to take my Camelbak bottle with water in it, my phone, my camera, a few little snacks, and my bike cable and lock.  The Schwinn Quick-Release Collapsible Basket does all of that for me!

And it doesn't even look dorky if I have to carry it in the store!

This bag is reasonably priced at $22, and I have seen it available not only in bike shops but in major discount retailers.  I got mine at Target.  If you're looking for a decent basket with a variety of features, this basket is for you.  The Schwinn Quick-Release Collapsible Bike Basket.


  1. Thanks for writing this up! I'm shopping for a basket and this review truly helped me make a decision.

  2. Hi, thanks for this product review! Very helpful! Do you know how much weight it can carry? Also, do you know if it bounces a lot if you go over bumps, etc.?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Mandie. I love this basket because it is so lightweight yet big! I am on my second one, though, as my bike fell over and broke the first basket I had. It will hold quite a bit, probably 10 pounds or maybe more. You just have to be cautious about making sure that you have stabilized your bike when you get off of it, or the extra weight will tip your bike over. As for bouncing, it is sturdy and doesn't move once it is installed, but it will bounce just like your bike (and you!).

      I love that I can take it off the bike so easily and grab the handles and take it into the store.